Thank you from Neighbours for Smart Western Rail (letter to City Council)

Subject: Thank you from Neighbours for Smart Western Rail

To: The Mayor and Ottawa City Councilors

We are writing to thank you for the commitment you showed at June 27th’s Council meeting to improving the fairness and transparency of the decision-making process that will determine the best route for the western light rail extension. Approximately fifty of us made time on a weekday to attend this meeting where we heard you express first-hand the importance of making smart and informed choices. Accepting the interim report without your further direction would have eliminated one of three potential rail corridors from consideration. We share your commitment to seeing the Carling option fully explored and hope you will continue to hold staff accountable for a full and fair comparison of Carling, including at-grade options. Integrating the western light rail extension study with the city’s and the NCC’s long term planning activities is the right way to come up with the best outcome for the city as a whole. We look forward to actively participating in the future planning process.


Neighbours for Smart Western Rail


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