Open house greeted with skepticism, criticism

300 residents listen at Open House as City states that Carling is “off the table” and describes its “preferred route” along the Parkway.  Lack of consultation criticized:

“It feels like you’re presenting us with one option that you’ve already chosen,” he said. He also said he was not convinced that the route along Carling was untenable and, when Schepers said the Carling route was rejected mainly for economic reasons, many people in the crowd booed and guffawed.

Most people skeptical and disappointed:

By the end of the evening, the feeling in the room was one of skepticism with most people agreeing that, despite the uptick in cost, the route should either be entirely underground or the Carling Avenue option should be reviewed again.


The city will be accepting feedback from the public until May 10. The email address for comments is [email protected].

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