What our leaders are saying

This page will show the public positions taken by local representatives with influence in this decision making process.

Paul Dewar – MP Ottawa Center

Per a reported conversation with journalist Ken Grey:

“Dewar joined the chorus of people who are saying that the line should be located along Carling Avenue for development and ridership reasons. That means that the people representing jurisdictions outside the city in the Kitchissippi area are united in saying the Carling route should be where the west line should go … and those other people would be MPP Yasir Naqvi and National Capital Commission CEO Marie Lemay.”

Yasir Naqvi – MPP Ottawa Centre

Ottawa Centre MPP Yasir Naqvi clearly states his opposition to LRT on Bryon Parkway in this letter to Ottawa journalist Ken Grey.

“I am committed to working with the City of Ottawa ensure that the OLRT does not go down the Richmond/Byron corridor and to explore all other viable options.”

He commends the City for its transparent approach to studying alternative routes, with Carling as the lead contender pending upcoming reports.