The process

Ottawa Citizen drawing of Ottawa city staff updates on preferred route as of June 2013.Ottawa Citizen graphic

We are just starting to learn the details of this process.  As we understand more, we will post it here.

The preferred route for the western extension of Ottawa’s light-rail service has been identified by the City of Ottawa.  The route, called the Richmond Underground, takes into account the community’s wishes to limit impact on the Byron Linear Park and the Parkway; will boost transit ridership; promotes the goals of the City’s Official Plan; and has the highest value for taxpayers’ dollars of all routes examined.


  • Transportation planning in the City of Ottawa is based upon the Transportation Master Plan .  Chapter Five contains the sets the plans for the City’s transit network, including the future expanded Light Rail Transit system.  Note that the current version of the Transportation Master Plan is scheduled for updating / changes in 2013.