Who we are

We are residents who have chosen to make the communities around Richmond Road and Byron Avenue the place for our homes and families.  Many of us ride public transit daily.  We walk the Byron Linear Park to get to work, to exercise, to spend time with friends and family, and to relax.  We shop on Carling and enjoy the vistas of the Ottawa River Parkway.  All of the options the City is exploring for a Western LRT link affect us, and we want to be part of selecting a route that unifies communities, not separates them; that reflects real opportunities for new ridership; and that allows sensible, community-engaged development.

We stand for making a smarter choice for a Western LRT route.  We are convinced that you don’t run high-speed, high-volume commuter trains through the heart of a thriving residential community.  For us, a route along Richmond Road and Byron Avenue irrevocably splits our community and changes its character for the worse.  There are better choices.

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