Why is Carling a smarter option than Richmond-Byron?

Carling Avenue would provide a new transit system with opportunities to expand ridership and explore new residential and commercial development far beyond what Richmond-Byron or the Ottawa River Parkway can ever offer.

Many residents of Ottawa have expressed concern that the proposed Richmond-Byron and Ottawa River Parkway routes lack the population density to achieve the necessary expanded ridership to meet the City’s public transit goals.  Nor do either of these spaces offer much redevelopment opportunity.  Neighbours for Smart Western Rail’s position is that, of the options currently on offer, only those on Carling Avenue provide real and desirable urban density and redevelopment potential.

If you want a commuter system that crosses western Ottawa’s most densely populated, densely commercial spaces – a space ripe for redevelopment without splitting communities – then Carling is easily the best option.  Smart city planning could reshape the Carling area.  Neighbours for Smart Western Rail therefore has called on the City to put the Carling options back on the table and do a fair, full range of cost estimates.